Our company is involved in the supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of the following:

 Fire Protection Products

• Conventional Fire Panels
• Addressable Fire Detection Systems
• CO2 Total Flooding
• FM200 System
• Gas Detection System
• Fire Pumps
• Fire Sprinkler System
• Fire Hydrant & Breaching Inlet
• Fire Curtain
• Fire Rated Doors
• Fire Hosereel System
• Portable Fire Extinguishers
• Trolley Type Fire Extinguishers
• Very Early Warning Smoke Detection
• Restaurant Fire Suppression System
• Foam Deluge System
• Hi-Fog Water Spray System

 Security Alarm Products

• CCTV System
• Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
• Video Multiplexers
• Dome Cameras
• Speed Dome Cameras
• Video Monitors
• Time Lapse Video Cassette Recorder
• LAN Based CCTV Products
• Intruder Detection System
• Burglar Alarms
• Magnetic Contacts
• PIR Sensors
• Vibration Sensors
• Auto Dialler
• Access Control System
• Networked System
• Standalone System
• Biometric Readers
• Proximity Readers
• PIN Readers (Keypad Type)
• Electronic Article Surveillance System
• FARGO Card Printers
• Guard Tour System


The company also offers a number of related services aimed at ensuring that a fire-fighting installation will perform to its designed performance should a fire occur. These includes maintenance and testing services.

AES is also committed to ensuring that clients genuinely understand the importance of Security Products and its general security applications. Training of the product is being provided to its clients in the simplest manner.




AES' installation service covers its entire range of Fire Protection System, Intruder Detection System, and Access Control System. Work is performed to the highest standards undertaken directly by AES technicians or by AES designated sub-contractors.


AES undertakes planned maintenance of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, manufacture of AES Series conventional panels, refilling of portable fire extinguishers, servicing of the following: water sprinkler systems, hosereel systems, pump controls and wet and dry risers.

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